Chubyou Gekihatsu-Boy is an anime series based on the Vocaloid song and light novel series of the same name. It premiered on October 4th, 2019.

The series is animated by Studio Deen and directed by Kazuya Ichikawa.


Episodes Edit

# Title Airdate
1 That's Right, I Have Awakened October 4th, 2019
2 The Reincarnation of an Angel or a Devil October 11th, 2019
3 Neither a Kid nor an Adult October 18th, 2019

Staff and Production Edit

  • Director (Ichikawa Kazuya)
  • Series Composition (Gotou Midori)
  • Character Design (Matsuura Arisa)
  • Chief Animation Director (Matssura Arisa)
  • Music by
    • (Team Whim)
    • (Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund
  • Studio (Studio Deen)
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